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Design Features


These solid steel pullers are machined with a tapered buttress thread to grip the inside wall of polyethylene pipe and innerduct by simply screwing them into the opening. When properly installed, the gripping power of the puller is stronger than the tensile strength of the pipe or innerduct. Pullers are installed quickly and easily with a screwdriver shaft or metal rod.

Typical uses are:
1. Pulling polyethylene water pipe, gas pipe and cable ducting with a vibratory plow.
2. Installing innerduct inside large cable duct.
3. Installing pipe and ducting in Horizontal and Directional Drilling applications.


DP-125L Shown

Model No. w/o Rear Lug Model No. with Rear Lug Nominal Duct Size Min. I.D.

Max. I.D.

DP-075 DP-075L 3/4" 0.72" 0.93"
DP-100 DP-100L 1" 0.94" 1.15"
DP-100A DP-100AL 1" Irrigation Pipe-SDR 21
DP-125 DP-125L 1 - 1/4" 1.26" 1.44"
DP-150 DP-150L 1 - 1/2" 1.48" 1.66"
DP-200 DP-200L 2" 1.91" 2.08"
Model No. Fits Pulling Eye Thread Size
DPL-1 DP-075 3/8" X 16
DPL-2 DP-100, DP-125 1/2" X 13
DPL-3 DP-150, DP-200 5/8" X 11
Directional Boring Swivels

Gold Series

Extreme Duty

Directional Boring Swivels

BorePro's Extreme Duty Pullback Swivels are specifically designed to swivel, under high tension loads, in the harsh environment of Directional Boring. Additionally, they are also used in overhead and other underground applications that require a reliable, high quality swivel. All swivels in this series use a side mounted grease fitting for easy lubrication and a multiple sealing system to retain the lubricant and repel external contaminants.

The structural components of these swivels, including the clevis pins, are manufactured from high strength, quenched and tempered, chrome-moly steel and will withstand loads of at least 3 times the listed Safe Working Loads.

Due to their unique spindle design and bearing configuration, these Extreme Duty Swivels will handle higher side loads than standard ball bearing type swivel. However, please note that a swivel is not a universal joint and is designed to be used under tension in a straight line. It is recommended that you select a swivel with a larger work load capacity than the drilling machine.

Directional Boring Swivels
Model No. Work Load* BRKG. Strength* Body Diameter Jaw Opening Pin
DB-1625 9,000 27,000 1 5/8" 3/4" 5/8"
DB-2000 12,000 36,000 2.00" 13/16" 3/4"
DB-2250 15,000 45,000 2 1/4" 7/8" 3/4"
DB-2500 22,000 66,000 2 1/2" 1.0" 7/8"
DB-3000 32,000 96,000 3.00" 1 3/8" 1 1/8"


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