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Design Features


Designed for the “Loop” gripping method of pulling poly pipe. Three bullet diameters are available to give the contractor flexibility in pulling 1/2 inch thru 2 inch poly pipe. The poly chain grip is also ideal for pulling multiple poly pipes simultaneously.



Poly Chain Grip Assembly REplacement Parts
Model No. O.D. Pin Set Chain
PCG-150 1.5" SP-75 CH-2050
PCG-200 2" SP-100 CH-2050
PCG-250 2.5" SP-125 CH-2050
PCG-300 3" SP-200 CH-3000

Use the “Lost Motion Assembly” (LMA-200) to attach the chain grip to any BorePro plowing blade.

Wedge Grip - Pipe & Duct Grip

BorePro's new Wedge-Grip Pipe and Duct Grip is designed for pipe pulling (including vibratory plowing) and boring pull-backs. Its extreme ease of use, broad gripping range and rugged design make it an ideal grip for underground contractors. Coupling and uncoupling to pipe and duct can be done in just a few seconds without tools.

The Wedge-Grip's sleeve has a different bore size at each end that allows it to grip a broad range of both PVC and PE pipe. It will grip 1" irrigation pipe SDR-11.5 and SDR-15, 1" PVC pressure pipe SDR-21 and SCH-40, 1" yellow gas pipe SDR-11, 1" O.D. controlled innerduct SDR-11, 13.5, 15.5 and 40, and 1" I.D. controlled innerduct SDR-9 and 11.5.

The grip's cone-shaped end cover reduces snagging, provides a smooth bore hole and, most importantly, keeps dirt out of the pipe. Additional protection from dirt is provided by a secondary shield -- the sleeve's 1/2" thick web.

Once you have evaluated the Wedge-Grip's many features, we believe you will agree it offer more value and flexibility than any other wedge-type pipe grip on the market today.

Model No. WL-0100 shown with TA-1K Lost Motion Assembly

WL-0100-A Shaft with Cone -- Chrome-Moly Steel
WL-0100-B Tapered End Cap (Nose Cone)
WL-0100-C Shell, Multi-Grip
WL-0100-D Internal Grip Kit with "O" Rings
WL-0100-E Shaft Nut - 5/8" X 18
TA-1K Lost Motion Assembly -- Female Adapter with Chain
Trailing Bullets

Four bullet diameters are available to give the contractor flexibility in pulling pipe and cable. Trailing bullets are also ideal for pulling multiple pipes and cables simultaneously.

Pin Set Rear View


Trailing Bullets
Model No. Size O.D. Replacement Pin Set No.
BLT-150 1.5" SP-75
BLT-200 2" SP-100
BLT-250 2.5" SP-125
BLT-300 3" SP-200
BLT-400 4" SP-300

Use a “Lost Motion Assembly” to attach trailing bullets to any BorePro plowing blade.

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