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Long Life Blade Points with New Pin Fastening System.

Design Features


Two (2) new sizes of carbide tipped blade reamers have been added to our product line – 2 1/4" diameter and 2 1/2" diameter. They may be used on all BorePro plowing blades equipped with the B-150 bushing.

In addition to being carbide tipped, the flanges are banded with a heavy layer of hardfacing material for increased service life.

They may be ordered separately for field installation, or on an exchange basis when ordered installed on a new plowing blade, (see below).

Carbide Tip Hardfaced Flange
Chrome-Moly Steel Body


Long-Life Blade Reamers
Model No. Description
C-150* 1.50" Diameter
C-175HF 1.75" Diameter
C-175HFX 1.75" Diameter (exchange)
C200HF 2.00" Diameter
C-200HFX 2.00" Diameter (exchange)
C-225HF 2.25" Diameter
C-225HFX 2.25" Diameter (exchange)
C-250HF 2.50" Diameter
C-250HFX 2.50" Diameter (exchange)
*No hardfacing material on flange.

When ordered installed on an exchange basis, please use the suffix "X" in the Model No. (i.e.: C-225HFX).

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