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Replacement Leading Edges for Plow Blades

Design Features


These "Leading Edges" are machined to a very sharp cutting edge from high quality tool steel bar stock that is quenched and tempered for strength and durability. They are available with either a serrated or straight cutting edge, and in 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", and 1" thickness. Do not confuse these high quality leading edges with the blunt edged, sand-cast units that are on the market.

We are offering both styles of leading edges as replacement parts; and the serrated edge, can be factory installed on a "New" plow blade for as little as $43.95. Both styles are of the "weld-on" type, and require fitting and welding with either a MIG or SMAW (stick) welding machine.

Tool Steel Leading Edges
Model No. Description
E-500 1/2" X 10" Standard Edge
SE-500 1/2" X 10" Serrated Edge
SE-500X 1/2" X 10" Serrated Edge-Factory Installed
E-625 5/8" X 10" Standard Edge
SE-625 5/8" X 10" Serrated Edge
SE-625X 5/8" X 10" Serrated Edge-Factory Installed
E-750 3/4" X 10" Standard Edge
SE-750 3/4" X 10" Serrated Edge
SE-750X 3/4" X 10" Serrated Edge-Factory Installed
E-1000 1.0" X 10" Standard Edge
SE-1000 1.0" X 10" Serrated Edge
SE-1000X 1.0" X 10" Serrated Edge-Factory Installed


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