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Enduro Plowing Blades
For CASE/Astec, Vermeer LM25, LM35 & LM42, Burkeen B30*
(CASE Mini & Maxi Sneakers)

Design Features


Quality, Durability, and Flexibility describe BorePro's Standard and Heavy Duty Enduro Plowing Blades.

Enduro Plowing Blades provide contractors maximum performance and service at an economical price. Our replaceable carbide tipped reamer insures substantially longer service life over standard blades. In addition, each blade is provided with two or three sets of mounting holes to accommodate varying soil conditions and desired pull depth.

Enduro “Maxi-Trac®” Blades deliver maximum machine traction in difficult soil conditions by "pulling" the machine towards the ground. This additional traction provides faster plowing during adverse conditions.

Standard Straight Design (VS) Series Engineered for Performance Maxi-Trac® Angle Design
Two sets of mounting holes provide two plowing depths
(Case & Vermeer plows only)
Mounting shims
(Sold separately)
B-200 Screw-in adapter for convenience and flexibility
(Sold separately)
B-150 Bushing welded to blade
Replaceable, carbide tipped reamer for long life and easy bullet tracking
(Supplied with C-150)
Enduro Plowing Blades
Model No. Blade Length Average Plowing Depths Mounting Shims (Pair)
VS-13 D 24" 10" or 13" S-10-312
VS-16 D 27" 13" or 16" S-10-312
VS-18 D 29" 15" or 18" S-10-312
VS-13 E 24" 10" or 13" S-10-250
VS-16 E 27" 13" or 16" S-10-250
VS-18 E 29" 15" or 18" S-10-250
VS-24 E 35" 18", 21" or 24" S-10-250
VS-30 E 41" 24", 27" or 30" S-10-250
VS-36 E 47" 30", 33" or 36" S-10-250
VS-18 F 29" 15" or 18" S-10-125
VS-24 F 35" 18", 21" or 24" S-10-125
VS-30 F 41" 24", 27" or 30" S-10-125
VS-36 F 47" 30", 33" or 36" S-10-125
VMT-13 D 27" 10" or 13" S-10-312
VMT-13 D 30" 13" or 16" S-10-312

Custom Sizes Available Upon Request.

*Model No. Suffix Code indicates blade thickness.

Blade Thickness Suffix Codes
A - 1/4" D - 5/8"
B - 3/8" E - 3/4"
C - 1/2" F - 1"

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