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Turf Shark™

Engineered for Performance


Plow Through Roots, Turf, and Diffcult Soil With Amazing Ease.

With a new shark-like fin, BorePro’s new Turf Shark™ series plowing blades plow through tree/shrub roots and difficult soil with amazing ease and neatness.

Our Turf Shark™ blades are built to provide the contractor with the latest advances in plowing technology. They are tough and aggressive in all soil conditions... even in shale laden soil, thanks to their cutting edge and carbide tipped reamer. These features insure substantially longer service life over standard blades.

The new Turf Shark™ delivers maximum performance and minimal turf disturbance... all competitive pricing.


New 45 degree cutter for smooth,
clean turf and root cutting action
B-200 Screw-in adapter for convenience and flexibilility (Sold separately)
B-150 Bushing welded to blade
Replaceable, carbide tipped reamer for long life and easy bullet tracking (Supplied with C-150)
TSDW Series   TS Series
TSDW Models
Model No. Average Plowing Depth
1/2" X 18"
10" Fixed
1/2" X 20"
12" Fixed

TS models fit CASE, Vermeer LM25, LM35 & LM42, and Burkeen B30 Plows (CASE Mini & Maxi Sneakers).

TSDW’s Fits Ditch Witch Models 255, 350, 400, 410SX.

TS Models
Model No. Average Plowing Depth
1/2" X 22"
10" Fixed
5/8" X 22"
10" Fixed
1/2" X 24"
12" Fixed
5/8" X 24"
12" Fixed
Note: For an additional charge, the Turf Shark™ (TS) feature can be added to any 1/2” or thicker plowing blade.
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