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The Traction Blade

Engineered and Manufactured for Hard, Difficult Soils


We believe our Traction Blade is the most advanced and durable “hard ground” plowing blade on the market today. The blades massive bottom assembly, with its replaceable and indexable “toe”, not only pulls the vibratory plow towards the ground for greater traction, but also maintains desired burial depth.

Each blade is equipped with a heavy duty point style toe (TR-2) and a 2”diameter threaded bullet as standard equipment. A chisel style toe and larger diameter bullets are available at additional cost.

TR Series
CASE, Burkeen, Vermeer
  TRDW Series
Ditch Witch

TR Series Blade
Model No. Plowing Depth
TR-12E 9" or 12"
TR-15E 12" or 15"
TR-18E 15" or 18"
TR-24E 18" or 24"
* All Blades are 3/4" thick.
TRDW Series Blade
Model No. Plowing Depth
TRDW-12E 12"
TRDW-15E 15"
TRDW-18E 18"
TRDW-24E 24"
* All Blades are 3/4" thick.
TR Series Optional Blade Bullets
Model No. Diameter
TRB-25 2.5"
TRB-30 3.0"
TRDW Series Blade Toes And Hardware
Model No. Description
TR-1 Chisel Edge Toe
TR-2 Pointed Toe
TRCS-25 Front Cap Screw
TRCS-30 Rear Cap Screw
TRLN-05 Lock Nut
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