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A "Quick Connect System" that offers speed, strength, and compatability options.
Railhead Quick Connect Features

Railhead's 3 1/2" Quick Connect System offers contractors three significant advantages:

1) Speed - You can attach and remove your drill head or reamer in 1 1/2 turns.

2) Strength - We have not experienced a pin breakage problem with our 3 1/2" Quick Connect System.

3) Options - Our 3 1/2" Quick Connect System is an excellent alternative to direct connect if your machine manufacturer does not offer an Easy Connect system.
The Quick Connect System consists of the following parts:

1) A Lead Rod that attaches to your drill stem.
2) A Quick Connect Housing Saver on your Railhead sonde housing and reamer.
3) A Reamer Adapter that attaches to your other reamers.
4) A thin Hex Collar for drilling and a thick Hex Collar for reaming.
5) A Pulling Eye for pulling product when you don't have to back ream.

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