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The EXTReam™ is a true rock reamer that is designed to stand up to the kind of hard rock and rocky conditions that tear up other reamers and hole openers.
EXTReam™ Features

No Moving Parts
That's right, there are no moving parts - at the end of a backream you simply replace any worn teeth and the EXTReam™ is ready to go again.

The EXTReam™ has proven itself in field tests in cobble, soft to medium rock, and hard rock. Although the EXTReam™ will work in other conditions, it performs best in tough, rocky conditions. We are confident the EXTReam™ will far surpass your expectations in how well it will perform.

16" reamer

12" reamer

Field Repairable
The design of the EXTReam™ is a true horizontal rock reamer. It uses the same type of rock teeth as the INCREDIBIT®.
We supply two types of teeth with the EXTReam™: 1) a pointed tooth for softer rock, and 2) a rounded tooth for harder rock. Care should be taken to change the teeth when they become worn or broken.

Keeping the proper mud flow at the front of the EXTReam™ is very important particularly in soft to medium rock or when conditions such as clay, chalk rock, etc. are encountered.

The EXTReam™ is delivered from the factory with most of the side and rear water ports plugged which forces most of the flow out the front to properly mix the cuttings. We supply a variety of different size nozzles and plugs that can be used to reconfigure the water ports based upon the volume of mud being pumped and the conditions encountered during the pilot bore.

When backreaming in conditions where clay, shale, chalk rock, etc. are encountered, we recommend using some type of con-det or other substitute to assist in keeping the cuttings from sticking to the reamer.

10" reamer

Easy On Your Machine
Another important issue is to not rush the backreaming process. The EXTReam™ works best with low pullback pressure and low rotational torque. Decrease the rotation when encountering extremely hard rock conditions. Allow the EXTReam™ to do it's job.

8" reamer

Recommended Use and Care

Click here to view the recommended use and care for the EXTReam Reamer

6" reamer

NOTE: The EXTReam™ requires at least a 5" pilot hole. If your pilot hole is too small, we offer a 'hole expander' that can be run in front of the reamer to enlarge the hole.
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