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"If you have a bore that you haven't been able to drill, chances are the INCREDIBIT® will drill it."

® drill head is named for its ability to bore and steer through tough, rocky conditions.
Its patented technology allows contractors to accomplish bores in ground that can not be drilled with conventional bits.
And, it allows smaller machines to drill through some conditions that would otherwise require a mud motor. It is truly a multipurpose bit that steers through soft conditions as well as rock and cobble.


How the Incredibit® works

The INCREDIBIT® bores in an entirely different manner than any other bit. Rather than using simple abrasion, the INCREDIBIT® fractures rock in a random elliptical pattern. It "dances" in the hole, allowing the INCREDIBIT® to be productive in all kinds of soils and formations.

Because of the "dancing" effect, the INCREDIBIT® bores a larger hole than conventional bits. In most conditions, a 2 ¾" bit will cut approximately a 4" hole, a 3" bit will cut approximately a 5" hole, a 3 ½" bit will cut approximately a 6" hole, and a 4 1/8" bit will cut approximately an 8" hole.
The drilling technique used with the INCREDIBIT¨ is similar to a flat bill bit in softer formations, however, when drilling in harder formations it is important to not force the bit, but let it drill at it's own pace.
Apply steady pressure. We recommend starting with 500 pounds of forward thrust and increase pressure as needed based on the conditions of the bore site. Rotational torque may also start at 500 pounds. Simply allow the bit to work while maintaining enough pressure to accomplish the job.

Steering in soft formations is similar to steering with a flat bill - turn and push. Steering in harder formations requires more technique.
The best method to use is to push into the rock and cut over to create a relief, pull back, rotate, and do it again.
If you wanted to go to 12 o'clock - you would push in at 10 and rotate over to 2 while applying heavy force. Repeat this action as many times as necessary to carve in about one foot, then check your pitch. Continue until the desired pitch has been reached. This is the only time we recommend increased pressure. Use only enough force to score the rock and create a relief.

Drilling in different formations requires varying your drilling techniques. The most common problem you will encounter is layered formations.
It is difficult to steer when the layers are running at the same or at a close angle to the pitch you are trying to achieve. Generally there is a spot somewhere in the layer that you can catch and turn. Where that is - is anybody's guess.
The key is to be patient and continue to cut and rake until you find it. Sometimes you can pull back, find another angle of attack, then come back up with more pitch to get enough angle. Most holes are saved because of the operator and his familiarity with the machine and the bit.


US patents 5,931,240 5,934,391 6,209,660. Canadian patent 2,221,068
  The INCREDIBIT® comes in two configurations for different rock hardness formations:
1. The Standard INCREDIBIT® for boring soft to medium hardness rock formations.
2. The Aggressive INCREDIBIT® for easier boring in harder rock.
Rock teeth play an important role in getting the most productivity out of your INCREDIBIT®.
As the teeth come in contact with rock, the combination of torque and pressure create cracks in the rock and force small pieces of rock to break away. Generally speaking, sharp pointed teeth are more effective in softer conditions and rounded teeth are more effective in harder conditions.

The chart shows which teeth are the most effective for general drilling and hard drilling conditions. However, these recommendations may not work in all situations.
Interference Keyway
The INCREDIBIT® is fitted with an "interference keyway" that relieves the side stress on the bolts that secure the bit to the sonde housing.

Any tool used to bore in adverse ground conditions will sustain wear. The good news is, within reason, the INCREDIBIT® can be rebuilt.

Got a BIG rig?
Now you can get an Incredibit® made especially for the BIG machines.

Big rigs 50,000 lbs.+ can have the amazing Incredibit® too!
It can cut a 10" to 12" hole and is available with a 5" sonde housing.

The incredibit drill head is named for it's incredible ability to bore and steer through almost anything: hard blue shale, sandstone, limestone, concrete, anything in it's path.

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