World's Best Quality Drilling Tools

World's Best Quality Drilling Tools

Railhead Underground Products, LLC is the leading manufacturer of the drilling tools for the horizontal drilling industry. We produce world-class quality products that are built tough and fit all major brands of mini-HDD machines in the market. Our BorePro Series products include a complete line of plowing systems, horizontal drilling tools and accessories.

We Offer

  • Dirt boring products.
  • Rock boring products.
  • Dirt reaming products.
  • Rock reaming products.

Our mission is to generate distinguished products and services that equip and keep the directional drilling community moving forward.

Railhead Underground Products, LLC

"To generate distinguished products and service that equip and keep the directional drilling community moving forward."

The Incredibit

Railhead’s Incredibit is engineered to drill through tough rocky conditions. The patented product outsteers every other tool on the market. It typically makes corrections in half the time required by other imitators and conventional tooling. The design helps smaller machines that had been previously unsuccessful in completing tough condition bores.

Railhead Underground Products, LLC

Key Features

Railhead products drill in a completely different manner, compared to any other tool in the market. By drilling in a random elliptical pattern, our tools create an annular space larger than the tooling. This reduces wear, increases flow and allows for faster corrections.

We have a newly designed door with thicker hold-down tabs and a rounded top to increase the durability and add protection for your transmitter.

Railhead Package Pricing

Railhead offers a package price that includes sonde housing, housing saver, rock bit and sonde block kit. Get it now!

We have been serving customers nationwide since the 1990s. We also have dealers to cater to industries across the world.


Steve Leath

Directional Drilling Service, LLC.

"We don't use anything on our machines since we've been using the Incredibit. We have seen increases in our production of 15 to 20 percent. This bit is amazing! It uses half the commands that other bits use and stays level. It's heavy and doesn't want to fade. It actually wants to stay on course! In the Chatanooga, Tennessee area there is a lot of chip rock and loose rock. Other contractors have tried and failed to bore these jobs because they were only managing to drill a few hundred feet a week. Some have even pulled off these projects. Our company went into these jobs and with Railhead bits on four of our machines did a mile and a half in a week. On one project we drilled 4,100 ft. in 4 days compared to another contractor's 300 ft."

Curt Ward

Performance Cable Contracting, Inc.

"I wish I would have had the Incredibit 2 years ago" says Curt Ward who owns Performance Cable Contracting, Inc. "I am a cable TV contractor in Buffalo, New York and I have two microboring machines. I had to make an 80 ft. drill across a street in a subdivision and was unable to get even one pipe in before hitting hard shale. I wore out two bits and made no headway at all. Then, I tried the Incredibit. I couldn't believe it! In one hour I had completed the bore. Now, I use the Incredibit on every job I do. The time and money I have saved has been amazing."

Patrick Siddel

Siddel's Directional Drilling, Inc., Madison, OH

"There was a 320 ft. bore in Fayette, Ohio under a creek that was pure red sandstone. One contractor with a D24x40 burned up his bit and pulled off the job. Another contractor with a JT4020 burned up his first bit, put on a rock bit and finally got across, but trashed the bit in the process. We came in with a D16x20 with an Incredibit on our machine and made the bore in a half a day. I am still using this same bit on other jobs and have only had to replace a couple of broken teeth. The production we've gotten from using the Incredibit has more than made it worth the investment."