Incredibit Sonde Housing – 4.125″ x 4.125″ Rotolock (B)


Railhead Housings and Rock Bits incorporate the patented ‘Stress Relief Structure’ with the “key and keyway” design to take much of the side stress off the bolts. This reduces tool loss due to bolts breaking. The newly designed rounded door incorporates another patent with the “Door Hold Down Tabs”. Simply drop the door in place, slide it back and install the bolts in front of the door. Housings require a Housing Saver which connects to the drill rod or quick connect system being utilized


Engineered to drill through tough rocky conditions. The first tool designed for HDD rock drilling is often imitated but never duplicated. The special cutting action typically allows for steering corrections to be made in half the time as other tools.

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Housing Type

Rock Housings

American Augers Model

DD6, DD8

Ditch Witch Model

JT100, JT100AT, JT40, JT4020, JT4020AT, JT4020M1, JT60, JT60AT, JT7020, JT8020, JT8020M1

Vermeer Model

D100, D100X120, D100X140, D100X140 S3, D100X140 S4, D36X50, D36X50 SERIES II, D40X40, D40X55 DR S3, D40X55 S3, D60X90, D60X90 S3, D80X100, D80X100 SERIES II

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